2015 Summer Speed Camp

[Session 1: June 15th - July 11th]      [Session 2: July 13th - August 7th.]

Monday - Friday 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Building Faster, Stronger, and Safer Athletes

Every good parent wants their child to be successful both off and ON the field.
The 2015 Results Fitness Speed Camp will give your child the necessary tools to
play with speed, strength, and confidence.

Strength and flexibility are key factors in athletic speed and safety.

But the truth is your child needs more than that. Learning how to move properly with correct body position, posture, arm angle, foot placement, breath coordination, and technique can set your son or daughter apart in tryouts, get them noticed by college recruiters, and prevent injury to keep them playing longer and safer.

“I liked Speed Camp because it was so much fun. I would definitely go again.
I learned how to run properly and got much faster. This summer’s speed camp
I am looking forward to the workouts. I love the challenge.” - Arianna  C.

The Results Fitness team
is here to deliver.

The BEST way to help your child get faster this summer is to sign them up for the Results Fitness Summer Speed Camp. It’s the perfect time to let our team of expert coaches (who have consulted for NIKE, Gatorade, Purdue University, and many others) work with your child on every aspect of getting faster and stronger. They’ll have a blast while improving their technique and confidence.

"It was great for him [Josh] from both a health standpoint and a social standpoint,
it really helped build confidence. He felt much stronger." - Eli A. (Josh's Dad)

Expert programming created by professional athletic development specialists.

Five 60-minute sessions a week will cover everything your young athlete needs to succeed:

  • SPEED - Acceleration, Deceleration, Linear and Lateral Movement Techniques, Footwork, and Running Mechanics.
  • EXPLOSIVE POWER - Plyometric Movement, Jumping and Landing Techniques.
  • STRENGTH - Functional Approach, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core.
  • CONDITIONING - Game Ready Preparation for ALL Sports.
  • FLEXIBILITY - Muscle Activation, Stretching, and Myofascial Release.
  • INJURY REDUCTION - Identify and Correct Muscular Imbalance and Improve Stabilization.
  • NUTRITION EDUCATION - Tracking, Tips, and Advice.

"Speed Camp kept both Alex and Tyler busy. It helped Tyler with conditioning for softball and,
for Alex, it helped with volleyball and I definitely want to sign her up again. Especially for Alex,
it benefits the individual and helps them gain more self-esteem. It shows them how to
properly exercise and the importance of stretching, warm-up, and mobility.” - Doug M.

The 2015 Results Fitness Speed Camp is offering special HEAD START pricing until May 31st. So don't wait!


This is EXACTLY what we need!


Sign my athlete up for BOTH summer sessions.

June 15th - July 11th AND July 13th - August 7th, for only $297! (Save $100.00)

Enrollment goes up to $397 after May 31st. 

Sign my athlete up for the June/July session.

June 15th - July 11th, for only $197!

Enrollment goes up to $297 after May 31st. 

Sign my athlete up for the July/August session.

July 13th - August 7th, for only $197!

Enrollment goes up to $297 after May 31st.